Community Site for Langtree Parish, North Devon

Zion Methodist Chapel

We are working through a period of big changes at the moment. Our last Minister Rev David Wheeler took early retirement in July 2009 due to ill-health and there is no available minister to replace him. Because our Methodist Circuit is small we shall now almost certainly join with a neighbouring larger Circuit. Two of the possible options are to join either Holswothy or Bideford Circuits. After much prayer and discussion we are moving towards a strong probability of joining with Bideford Circuit which also includes Torrington Chapel. This would seem to be a natural progression for Langtree, but perhaps not so much so for some of the other chapels in our group. By the time you read this a decision will have been taken as to whether the joining takes place, and, if it will be taking effect from September 2011, or a later date. The Rev Graham Slingo, Minister of Torrington has been overseeing Langtree Chapel for some months now and he is hoping to write in a future copy of the magazine to introduce himself to you all. Various events have been taking place to help the two groups of people get to know each other better but each Circuit will be voting individually late in January to record their decision on the way forward.

We continue with our bring-and-share meal followed by teaching video each Thursday evening at 7.15pm and have found them extremely helpful and encouraging in facing the challenges of Christian Discipleship The prayer group meet on Tuesdays at 7.30 and it is our privilege to pray for anyone within the Parish or further afield who is unwell or in need of any kind.

Our services for the coming weeks are as follows, each starting at 11.00am


6th        Pastor C Bourne

13th     Anglican Service

20th      Mr J Guy

27th     Mrs M Knapman


6th       Congregational

13th     Anglican

20th     to be arranged

27th     to be arranged


3rd       Congregational

10th     Anglican

17th     to be arranged

24th      To be arranged


1st      Congregational

8th       Anglican

15th     to be arranged

22nd    to be arranged

29th     to be arranged